domingo, 8 de maio de 2011


Take me away from this painful world
And save me from my mistakes
Pretend you are my super hero
And make us dissapear from this place.
Show me things that can surprise me
And make me happy at least for one day,
Call my name and save from this darkness
That I find myself today.
Invite me to a remembering night
Without disaproves, right things and importants fights.
Make me concentrate in just having fun
Cause I need to stop fighting
Against the fate whose insists to blame me
For all lies and sins of that crowd
That I see everyday in streets
Wake up and stand up, living their lives.
I know I'm not innocent, but I'm not hypocrite,
I show my face and prove who I am everytime
Just hopping this pain go away someday
And I find my peace of mind.

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